LDS (leonardite dry solution) scientifically studied with SFU



Provincial partnership with BCCAI & RMDE

Funded by Pacific Economic Development Canada and the Province of British Columbia, BCCAI is strategically positioned to elevate B.C. as a frontrunner in agritech advancements. Housed at Simon Fraser University, the BC Centre for Agritech Innovation (BCCAI) connects SMEs and agri-producers with researchers, government, industry, Indigenous communities and non-profits to grow BC’s agritech sector by building resilient supply chains and generating local solutions for global issues such as food security and climate change effects.

1st Place Sativa Indica Hybrid

Agrotek was created 20 years ago by Raymond Potie. Raymond’s love of plants, nature and science started at young age growing up on a farm in Northern Saskatchewan. After his art show with Andy Warhol Raymond lived in the Amazon for seven years to further his understanding of ethnobotany.

He returned to Canada and earned a degree in chemistry. Over the last thirty years he has formulated over 60 products for himself and many other fertilizer producers. For a myriad of plants.

He now brings his lifetime of knowledge as a consultant to Agrotek

A team of two brothers Jonathan and Douglas have taken over the reins. They are dedicated to helping you integrate Agrotek’s quality and pricing, into your bottom line. We sell in bulk so you can repackage or we can set you up with your own brand line and labels. A hydroponic stores success is based on customers trusting and relying on your advice, with Agrotek’s line of products , you can fill all your growers needs at a fair price! Talk to Jonathan and find out how to put the Tek of Agrotek into your store.

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