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The Equipment Story

August 26, 2021

When we acquired Agrotek, it was catering mainly to liquid fertilizers, but we started marketing powdered products and new formulas.  With that taking off well, we were in need of some equipment upgrades. We worked with what we had until we could no longer keep up with the demand.  Now, Agrotek acquired 2 new mixers and rebuilt the liquids section into stainless steel as much as possible. With our new equipment, we now have the capability to cater to anyone and produce our series of products. Mixing powders and liquids is an art. It requires vitamins, nutrients, dyes, chemicals and organic raw materials.  A formula and proper equipment to mix everything is the key to a quality product.  Here at Agrotek we take that seriously and enjoy upgrading our facility with modern technology and equipment. We try to support locally all our materials and equipment as much as possible. Also to have a proper maintenance schedule and regular cleaning is very important. Our crew at Agrotek assures the quality and cleanliness of our shop and products.  With our new upgrades, we have mastered our products and take pride in them. We have a safety record of zero accidents due to our cleanliness and procedures throughout the shop. It is very important to have a safe environment and happy workers. We take anyone’s advice and adapt to all modern or new security measures offered. A happy safe working environment keeps the entire team functioning at its best. We can’t thank Agrotek for its equipment upgrades and security measures are taken.  This is a great team to be part of.